Studio Policies

(Parent/Student/Teacher Expectations) 

We are a family owned and operated music studio. We take pride in our students and their progress and promise to provide you with the best music education this town has to offer. Our dedication to you and your family is what sets us aside from any other music studio. Please be sure to read the policies and understand that they are for the benefit of you and/or your child’s knowledge and progress in music.   

Payments/Monthly Tuition and Lesson Completion: Payments are due monthly after the last completed lesson scheduled for each month, or the last day of each month if you were absent the fourth lesson due to illness, vacation, etc... No exceptions! If payment is not received, then your original weekly time slot you have chosen for lessons will automatically become available to somebody else.  The monthly fee is the same regardless of Holidays, days we may be closed, days you may be sick, away, etc. You and your instructor can try to arrange a make-up within the SAME month, but due to availability, may not be guaranteed. Missed lessons may also be made up by participating in performances/rehearsals. You may contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about this. Lessons are to be completed within each paid month.  Lessons will never be carried over into the next month. You may not get merchandise in exchange for paid lessons and lesson tuition is non-refundable to anyone who signs up in person, by phone or online, etc. regardless if you began lessons or not. The room and time was set aside specifically for you, and teachers collect and deposit funds immediately. Teachers and Parents are responsible for communicating re-scheduled lessons on days they may be out sick, family emergency, etc. No call/no shows are considered forfeitures. The teacher’s time (for preparation, travel) is valuable and has been set aside for each student specifically, so please understand that forfeitures for no call/no shows are strictly enforced.  

As of January 2019 ALL students with a cold, flu or any other contagious ailment will be sent home immediately without the option for a make-up. We have small children of our own and hundreds of other children and families that are here each week. This lack of consideration will not be tolerated.  

       *** COMMUNICATION IS KEY!!!*** 

Practice/Progress: A parent plays the most vital role in making sure that their child progresses. This includes practice, showing up for lessons on time, and asking questions about what the teacher has assigned the student for the week. This applies more so to our younger students ages 4-12. Your dedication to your child is of utmost importance to us as well, so we can guarantee that you are indeed getting what you are paying for. At least 20 min. of practice a day will prepare you/your child for performances.  Our studio’s goal is to properly educate you and/or your child on the fundamentals of music and to help you, if so desired, reach advancement. It is one thing to learn a few chords and play some songs watching Youtube videos, but to know and understand what you are playing, the theory and fundamentals of music, truly opens the doors to you becoming a  musician. We strive to make your experience educational & fun, and we promise to make you feel at home and welcome in our family of musicians and musicians to be. 

– Beaumont Music Centre Family  


You may download a copy below for your records

Student and Teacher Policies 2018 (pdf)