Frequently Asked Questions


What is your studio's availabilty?

With so many students, schedules and availability change daily. We do lessons Monday-Saturday 9:00 am to as late as 7:30 pm and have multiple teachers to accommodate you.

Do I need to have a piano/guitar, etc...if i sign up for lessons?

It would be best for advancement. With no instrument at home to practice, progress will be extremely slow and nearly impossible. 

What is the cheapest piano/guitar/violin etc... I can buy?

There are instruments all over online or nearby shops where you can spend under $60 for a new no name instrument. We do not sell instruments that cheap due to poor quality and to maintain our great reputation. If your concern is that you or your child may not "stick with it", then you are pushing them more toward that direction by settling for cheapest. Spend more and get more back if you or your child decide to quit. If you request cheaper unreliable instruments from one of our suppliers, we can order them, but you are required to sign a waiver and acknowledgement that the instrument is not guaranteed or recommended for quality learning and advancement.  

how long does it take to learn an instrument?

Learning an instrument depends on how much practice you put in and the quality of your instrument. 

What sets you apart from your competitors?

We are sure our competitors are awesome! What sets us apart from our fellow musicians outside of Beaumont Music Centre is the amount of trust we have gained from our community by our proven skills, knowledge and unreachable commitment to the hundreds of people that walk through our door each week. Though we hope you choose us, the decision you make based on your discernment is of utmost importance to our family.