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↑ Across from Dance Spectrum in The Beaumont Plaza. 

Group Guitar Classes only $25.00 per Month!!!

Fridays 6-7 pm. Adult Class & Separate Kids Class available. 

Top Reasons People Choose Us


We combine two important dynamics as a whole; Family & Music. Safe classrooms, reliable brands, and a comfortable environment for all ages where you feel welcome.


We have the most engaging, one-of-a-kind studio, Beaumont's most devoted teachers with open-scheduling, and you learn the music YOU like, with the choice of yearly performances.


We are the ONLY studio dedicated to you not just as students and customers, but as our Beaumont neighbors and family. 

Meet the Teachers

Jack Massengale

A family man and a musician. Jack has been playing guitar since 1972, taking after his Father and Grandfather. He has performed at local venues and in bands all throughout his adult life. He was trained in music theory by Professor Larry Sanchez and picked up piano in 1999. With 8 years of teaching full-time, patience, passion and skill makes him the perfect teacher for piano, guitar and any other fretted instrument! 

Andrea Massengale

A dedicated mother and 4th generation musician. Andrea picked up the guitar and began studying piano at the age of 9. At the age of 11 she joined the school band and played flute. Guitar and Piano remained her main passion and she studied music theory privately and is currently furthering her education at Crafton Hills College. Andrea has been teaching a total of 7 years.

Patrick Jones

A MASTER of all! Mr. Patrick Jones is a rare find among music teachers/musicians. Playing music since the age of 4 and teaching for over 20 years, Patrick is truly proficient in almost all instruments. With Classical and Military training, he is in highest demand for his knowledge of music and involvement in the local worship programs. All of us here, especially his students, look up to this awesome teacher and amazing person. 

Megan Miller

A devout person and brilliant musician. Megan studied at Crafton Hills College and Cal Baptist University and is the absolute best vocal couch in the area. A lovely Mezzo Soprano voice and an exuberant personality brings the music and fun out in her students. She is proficient in piano, and teaches guitar as well. Megan has also been a worship leader for 15 years and has been teaching a total of 10 years. 

Ray Matranga

Many of our locals know Ray or at least know of his outstanding ability as an expert percussionist. Playing drums since a small child, Ray also studied music and played in the U.S. Military. He currently performs with his local church. Whether you want to master kit to be in a rock band or be in drumline, you'll learn from the top drummer in the area. Ray also teaches beginner to intermediate guitar. If you want passion and pro techinque, come take lessons with Ray.

Marthinus Van Der Westhuizen

A South African String Professor and excellent luthier, Marthinus currently performs with a local Orchestra as First Chair Violist. He is by far the most experienced and highly educated String Teacher. Whether you want to learn Viola, Violin, Cello or Stand-up Bass, you will get the Best Beaumont has to offer! His witty spirit and love for music motivates his students to learn and master the art of playing ANY string instrument. Over 40 years of teaching and music mastery.

Beaumont's ONLY Family Studio

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Reviews from real people!

Samantha Carrillo 

My daughter has taken guitar and piano lessons at The Music Center. They are so knowledgeable, talented and incredibly kind. They care about each student and are their biggest fans. I would never send my kids anywhere else.


Family Owned & Operated

We are the heart of Music in Beaumont and the only Studio designed just for families, owned and operated by family. We not only provide the best service, best brands, most educated & experienced teachers, but the BEST prices!

Over 60 Years Combined Experience 

Teaching in Beaumont/Pass Area since 2011 

A husband and wife team worked together to open Beaumont Music Centre. Along with their two children and close friends, Beaumont Music Centre thrives on family togetherness and love of music and people. Music brought this family together and has helped us form the best relationships with the most outstanding and talented people, including our students and their families.

THANK YOU to our community for making us the #1 place for Music Lessons in Beaumont.

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We love our students and customers, so feel free to visit during business hours. We're across the street from Dance Spectrum in the Beaumont Plaza. A guitar OPEN sign is always on our wall during the hours listed below.

Beaumont Music Centre

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