Instrument Repairs in Beaumont

Fretted Instruments


Guitars, banjos, mandolins...any fretted instrument, any problem, we fix it! We have a total of 5 repairmen with at least 10 years experience.. 

Piano Tuning/Repairs


Above is one of our 3 piano tuners/technicians on a job. Knowledge, training, and experience guarantees the job will be done right!

Sax, Clarinet, Flute


There are SO many moving parts on woodwinds. From a re-cork to a repad job, our certified repair technicians make your instrument playable again

Trumpet, Trombone


Valves get stuck, parts need welded, brass gets bent. Whatever your horn needs, our techs have the tools and knowledge to fix it. 

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass


Bridge fitting, restring, even a completely broken off neck. Our South African String Professor, and luthier, is one of 2 repair techs that can fix any string instrument 



For the true percussionist, sometimes you need to replace heads, springs, nuts and along with that, a proper tuning. We offer it all.

pricing & Technicians

$1 - $?

 We offer repairs for all instruments. There are a vast number of issues an instrument can have depending on each individuals handling of the instrument, how regularly an instrument was cleaned, and quality. It is much easier to give an accurate quote in person. So please bring your instrument in  so we can properly analyze an issue, or call with an accurate description of a problem and we can try to get you a close estimate. Instrument Repairs in Beaumont

Meet the Techs

If you have questions or concerns, come in and talk to the repairmen for yourself. Some of them work also as our music instructors. So, not only can they fix a problem, but they are accomplished musicians who know how an instrument should feel, move and sound. They personally test and guarantee their repair-work.