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Things you MUST know before renting from just anyone!

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We only carry the practical brands your band director approves.



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Band Rentals in Beaumont

Things You MUST Know Before Renting

Don't Cheap Out!

If you're in search of the cheapest rental or purchase price because you're not sure your child will "stick with it", then you are absolutely preparing your child for failure. We could sell or rent the cheap no-name brand instruments too, and make a lot more money, but we have morals. 

Cheap instruments make it that much harder to learn, breathe properly and they are notorious for having numerous issues from the beginning. That's why you won't find any warranty on them, or at least none past 60 days, maybe...

Learning something new takes enough work as it is. Lightheadedness and mechanical issues are no good for anyone, especially our children.

No Sneaky Salesmen

It is so easy to take advantage of the inexperienced. Every year there are brand new band parents in the learning process. It is easy for a slick dressed salesperson to give you their "personal guarantee" that the instrument you may be purchasing or renting is good for beginners. Anything is better than nothing, is what they are really insinuating. Even if they are willing to fix it for free when something goes wrong. What a hassle!...Ask yourself, "Why aren't they BUSD approved?" There's nothing in it for the teachers, accept less stress on the children they care about.

Give Your Child the Best Chance with BUSD approved rentals

It is so pleasing to see a child dedicate themselves to learning an instrument. That is why Beaumont and Banning teachers approve us to give your child the best chance at liking to learn to play music. It's easier to want to give up when you have something made of glorified plastic or cheap tin, causing you to breathe much harder than necessary. 

Too honest? Never! Or else we would't have the good reputation we have. We also have children and are musicians as well as music teachers. We know first hand the importance of having a great student level instrument to learn on. It doesn't even cost a night out at dinner per month. 

Rent something you're child and you will be proud of. Better sound, quality, reputable brands and ease of learning. Impress your family, band mates and teacher. Learn better and easier for not much more than low quality junk.